What Does Anything Mean Basically

26, Male, The States
Audiophile, Fine/Graphic Artist, Musician

"The title is taken from an old poem, I can’t remember it all, or it’s title, but it goes "Wednesday’s child is full of woe; Thursday’s child has far to go." I realized that I was actually growing up and leaving my childhood behind me, and I was asking myself...What kind of man would I become?”
Mark Burgess - The Chameleons


Fear is the anti-life.
It’s chewing on the next chapter
of your life and it survives off
your future joy, your invaluable
wisdom, the stories you would
tell of your scars, the pleasure
of seeing new places, beautiful
relationships and broken hearts.
Fear doesn’t keep you comfortable,
secure and alive. It eats you, and
your future you to, in your safe place,
dangling above the unknown. But
sometimes you have to let go to
find that the fall wasn’t so far.